Companies today are looking to understand the current cost of their on-premise environment and evaluate the multiple alternatives available to them. The big four players all have solutions that would appear to fit their needs and with the addition of cloud-native solutions such as Snowflake, there are a multitude of possible solutions and price points to consider.

But with vast choice comes complexity and that can prove costly, recent examples we have experienced are where the new solution has consumed the entire year’s budget within 3 months. It is because of the complexity of pricing models that Cerulium has developed it’s assessment service backed with over 25+ years of practical Teradata experience and with resources that fully understand not just the current environment but also have “real-world” experience in migrated solutions.

The Service

Cerulium has used its extensive experience and developed a vendor-neutral assessment that will recommend an in-cloud database platform (up to 1 in-cloud platform evaluated against your on-premise Teradata System) based on our detailed data metrics and analytics framework.

The Deliverables

We focus on the 4 C’s (Capacity, Consumption, Concurrency and Compute) that are the basis for all off-premise solutions. Each of the in-cloud database platforms have different “C” price points, and this assessment will evaluate a client’s chosen cloud database platform against the existing on-premise Teradata solution and provide the recommended configuration required to satisfy service level goals of each identifiable business workload based on a 12-month forecast along with expected monthly and yearly costs. Delivering a price/performance comparison utilizing our unique, proprietary assessment workload modelling and framework technology.

The objective is to compare the chosen in-cloud database platform against on-premise and from this detailed analysis demonstrate an endpoint that can reduce time for Proof of Concept (or even eliminate this process) utilizing our unique methodologies. The assessment service is 4 weeks and can be done remotely.

The initial single platform assessment is a 4-week exercise that produces all the above deliverables together with a full day’s consultants time face to face (virtual until further notice) to talk through the results and provide a graphical explanation of the metrics.

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